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We prefer to schedule younger patients in the morning hours when they are fresh and more awake. We have found that this increases their ability to listen, respond, and have a favorable visit. We understand a parent’s desire to schedule older children in after school hours. These time slots are limited and are filled quickly. Calling in advance for this appointment is highly encouraged. If older children need to schedule their appointments during school hours, we are happy to provide a written excuse for the school or for the parent’s employer if necessary.

The scheduled appointment has been exclusively reserved for your child. Out of respect for your time, we are committed to making every effort to maintain our appointment schedule. Please arrive promptly for your appointment.

Payment and Insurance

Before any dental treatment is begun, the patient will receive an exam and/or consultation regarding any proposed treatment plan and cost. We will provide you with an estimate of insurance benefits at that time. The patient’s estimated out of pocket cost will be due at the time services are rendered. Our Westminster, CO office does accept cash, check, money order, Visa and MasterCard.

As a courtesy to our patients with insurance, we will file your insurance claim on your behalf, allowing you to pay only your deductible and/ or estimated co-payment/co-insurance as services are rendered. Please remember that the contract is between you and your insurance company, and your total balance in our office is your responsibility, regardless of any estimated insurance coverage. Our office makes every effort to give you an accurate estimate of what your portion of our fees will be based on the information provided to us by your insurance company. However, we can not guarantee the terms of your insurance policy. If for any reason there is a balance remaining after your insurance company’s payment, you will be sent a statement. If the insurance company has not paid the balance on your account within 30 days from the date of service, the balance will become due and a statement will be sent to you for payment.

Our office is contracted with several insurances, as a result there may be insurance adjustments reflected on your account. If requested, any overpayments will be refunded or the credit can remain on your account for future services. Our office will be more than happy to submit a pre-determination to your insurance if requested. Pre-determinations usually require 4-6 weeks for the insurance company to process. Some dental treatments can be postponed for this time period, however, some treatments require more immediate attention and cannot wait for a pre-determination. Please know pre-determinations are not a guarantee of benefits. Inform our front office staff if you would like a pre-determination to be submitted.


Digital X-rays are sometimes necessary to provide quality care for your child. These pictures aid in detection of cavities, abnormalities in the bone, and position and location of unerupted teeth. As recommended by the American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a panoramic X-ray is taken around age 6 or when permanent teeth begin to erupt.


All instruments, including handpieces used in your child’s mouth, are either disposable or sterilized according to the American Dental Associations guidelines and local environmental agencies.

Fun, Games, and Educational Material

We offer a collection of supplementary material, guidelines and links to patient resources.

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